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The HeroPress Network Launches as a Multi-Project Portal

Posted by WP Tavern on October 6, 2021 at 4:44 pm
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Husband-and-wife duo Topher and Cate DeRosia announced the launch of the The HeroPress Network earlier today. It is a collection of content from various sites they are working on in a centralized location. “Its overarching goal is to be a hub,” said Cate DeRosia. “It will display the newest items from around the HeroPress Network, as well as news from the community (to be added in shortly). We can also post information that we think is helpful or educational.” The “hub” will incorporate content from at least eight projects: The HeroPress NetworkHeroPressHallway ChatsWP PodcastsFind It WPSlack group+2 additional projects in production The team launched WP Podcasts two weeks ago, making over 7,000 current episodes from dozens of WordPress shows available in one place. Find It WP is currently in beta and will be the next project to launch on or before October 19. They will soon launch the public Slack group with dedicated channels for different types of professionals. The HeroPress Network homepage. “You could say it’s like the portals of yesteryear,” said DeRosia. “With HeroPress expanding into 8+ or more entities, we wanted one place for people to go and get the most current glimpse of what’s happening.” She…

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