WP Briefing: Episode 9: The Cartography of WordPress

The Month in WordPress: May 2021

Posted by Dot Org News on June 2, 2021 at 11:23 am
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It’s really fun to contribute to something larger than yourself. Matt Mullenweg’s words in “The Commons of Images” episode of the WP Briefing podcast exemplify the core philosophy of the WordPress project,  especially as we inch closer to the next major release (version 5.8). This post covers exciting updates from the month of May. WordPress turns 18 WordPress celebrated the 18th anniversary of its launch on May 27, 2021. To celebrate 40+ releases and WordPress’ support of 40% of the web, the team released 40 milestones to celebrate the anniversary of the software. Here’s to the next 18 and beyond!  CC Search joins WordPress and is renamed to Openverse Creative Commons Search has officially joined the WordPress project. Creative Commons Search (CC Search) is a CC0 image search engine with over 500 million openly licensed images. The search product, which is being renamed to Openverse, will eventually live on the URL: https://wordpress.org/openverse. Contributors working on CC Search will continue their work as part of a new dedicated Make team: https://make.wordpress.org/openverse. Check out “The Commons of Images” podcast episode for more information. WordPress 5.7.2 released WordPress version 5.7.2, a short-cycle security release, came out on May 13. Get the latest version…

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