In the WordPress site editor, the options drop-down is shown.  The "Export" button is highlighted for exporting templates and template parts.

The Next Generation of WordPress Theme Authors Will Design From the Site Editor

Posted by WP Tavern on December 13, 2021 at 4:51 pm
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Last week, I played around with a new plugin that allows users to export a custom theme.json file. The project is still a little buggy at the moment, but I look forward to covering it in more detail soon. The export function was more of a secondary objective for the plugin, but it represents a feature I look forward to landing in WordPress one day. While tinkering with the plugin, I reminded myself to check on the progress of a related ticket for Gutenberg. Currently, the site editor feature allows end-users to export their theme templates. However, there is still no way to do so for global styles. Essentially, block themes need two components: templates and a global styles configuration. There are other pieces. The functions.php file is increasingly unnecessary, and the standard style.css file is often used for adding theme data instead of CSS. There is talk of adding both /patterns and /styles folder support for automatically registering block patterns and global style variations, respectively. Twenty Twenty-Two theme folder and file structure. WordPress theme development already looks different than it did just a few years ago. Soon, old-school themers will hardly recognize it. That is not necessarily a bad…

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