WordPress Community on Mastodon Launches “Toot the Word” Survey

Toot the Word Survey Finds Mastodon Increasingly Important to WordPress’ Community of Tooters

Posted by WP Tavern on March 10, 2023 at 2:46 pm
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More than 200 users on Mastodon who consider themselves part of the WordPress community, responded to the recent Toot the Word 2023 Survey, which was conducted by the admins of five WordPress-oriented Mastodon instances. The purpose of the survey was to help those running these instances understand how important Mastodon is for the WordPress community and what they can do to improve their instances to foster a better meeting place. Key findings from the survey have been published alongside the raw data on GitHub for anyone to analyze. More than 82% of respondents (172/209) said they frequently use Mastodon. The community is active and Mastodon is an important social channel for those who have adopted it in addition to their other networks. A few other highlights from the published findings include: Nearly all participants of the survey expect Mastodon to have some kind of influence on the WordPress community in the future, a majority thinks Mastodon will be very influential or extremely influential. Most of the participants want to see more WordPress content and community discussions on Mastodon in the future. Generally, users on WordPress-oriented instances state that the communication with the community on Mastodon is important to their WordPress-related…

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