use git in local (by flywheel) for version control

Using Git With Local (By Flywheel): Best Practices and Workflows

Posted by Torque Mag on August 2, 2022 at 10:51 am
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If you aim to build plugins for WordPress, making use of Git workflows can be extremely beneficial, especially to foster collaboration. However, figuring out how to set everything up is a challenge when you’re new to the process. Perhaps you’ve never seen Git before and don’t know how it works? Or maybe you’re unsure as to how it use it with Local?  Today, we’ll go over all of that. This post will discuss what Git is and how it works, then show you how to use it in Local. You will learn how to install Git, create a Git repository as well as best practices and workflows for using Local and Git together. What is Git (And How Does It Work)? Definitions are often the best place to start when learning a new tool or workflow. Git is a distributed version control system. It allows you to track source code changes when creating and developing software projects. The intent is to provide a cohesive space for developers and programmers to work together on development projects. And with it, you can establish goals for your projects like loading speed, data security, and more. You can also use Git to keep track…

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