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UXL Themes Releases Framboise, a Colorful Child Theme Variation of Alara

Posted by WP Tavern on February 9, 2022 at 10:53 am
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It seems that Andrew Starr is quietly building a legion of block themes. He is the sole developer behind UXL Themes and has released six of them in the past year, with most landing in the last few months. Framboise, his latest project, is a child theme of Alara. He promised a new design variation, child theme, or block pattern when he launched Alara. It looks like he has consistently kept things moving along. Since I last reviewed it a month ago, the theme has gained four new patterns, bringing the total to 45. Starr has also created two new child themes for a total of three. My motivation for installing, activating, and tinkering with Framboise was twofold. First, a friend keeps asking me where all the fun WordPress themes are, and this latest outing by Starr has just enough of a weird, funky personality that it feels right up his alley. Those who want a design that shouts for visitors to step into their world could hardly go wrong with it. I also wanted to see what someone other than Automattic was doing with block child themes. Not many other theme-related businesses or authors have created parent themes yet,…

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