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When to Switch WordPress Hosting Providers (5 Situations)

Posted by Torque Mag on August 26, 2022 at 1:26 pm
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There are many WordPress hosting providers on the market. However, their services can differ drastically. From extra features you don’t need to limitations on growth, your current host may not be the best match for your site. Although, if you know what to look for, there are a few obvious signs that can indicate when you might want to switch WordPress hosting providers. For instance, slow page loading times or poor customer service may mean it’s time to look elsewhere. In this post, we’ll discuss five situations in which it makes sense to consider switching hosts. Then, we’ll take a quick look at how to change to a new web host. Let’s get started! When to Switch WordPress Hosting Providers (5 Situations) Here are five clear indicators that it’s likely time to switch WordPress hosting providers. 1. Your Loading Times Are Slow Fast page loading times are important for your website’s User Experience (UX). They can also impact its search engine rankings. Furthermore, site speed influences ‘time on site’ and ‘bounce rates‘, which also indirectly affect organic search rankings. In fact, as page load time increases from one to three seconds, bounce rates increase by 32 percent. Then, from one…

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