WooCommerce Calls for Early Testing on Custom Order Table Migrations

WooCommerce 6.9 Released, High-Performance Order Storage Targeted for 7.1

Posted by WP Tavern on September 14, 2022 at 3:49 pm
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WooCommerce 6.9 was released today and was quickly followed up with 6.9.1 after a bug caused some stores to produce a warning or a fatal error, depending on the site’s PHP version. This release brings the new Cart and Checkout blocks into core as beta features. These blocks have been available in the WooCommerce Blocks plugin since version 2.6 was released in May 2020. They enable store owners to better customize the purchase flow experience with the power of blocks. After two years of testing, the Cart and Checkout blocks are compatible with more than a dozen payment gateways and shipping options, as well as 19 popular extensions. WooCommerce 6.9 improves filtering products by updating the URL (without reloading the page) when visitors use filters with the All Products blocks. Dropdown attribute filters now allow for users to select multiple terms when the query type is set to AND. As the core team warned last month, WooCommerce will no longer register Customizer options when a block theme is active as of version 6.9. These are just a few highlights from the 6.9 release, which includes 90 fixes, additions, updates, enhancements, tweaks, and more, from 39 contributors. Check out the 6.9 changelog for…

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