WooCommerce Aims to Produce MVP of Custom Tables for Orders by Q3, 2022

WooCommerce Plans to Bring Full-Site Editing Support to Single Product Templates

Posted by WP Tavern on April 18, 2022 at 9:37 pm
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WooCommerce is moving closer to closing the gap on its full-site editing support with the latest features announced on the Q1/Q2 roadmap. While the e-commerce platform already has support for nearly two-dozen core blocks, it’s not yet possible to use full-site editing for customizing every aspect of a store. The concept of “Store Editing” is still in the early stages with active development happening in the WooCommerce Blocks repository. Currently, WooCommerce stores are fully functional with block themes with the help of a classic template block. “We took a very transitional approach to this support by introducing a classic template block that works in concert with custom WooCommerce templates to make various existing PHP-based WooCommerce templates compatible with block themes,” WooCommerce engineer Darren Ethier said in the roadmap update. More missing pieces from the Store Editing concept will be sliding into place soon with the introduction of the Mini Cart block, a cart button usually found in the header that shows a quick preview of its contents. The Mini Cart block is already available in the WooCommerce Blocks plugin and is anticipated to land in the May release of WooCommerce core. The team is also currently working on adding global styles support…

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