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WordPress 5.8 Beta 4

Posted by Dot Org News on June 25, 2021 at 10:14 am
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WordPress 5.8 Beta 4 is now available for testing! This software is still in development, so it is not recommended to run this version on a production site. Consider setting up a test site to play with it. You can test the WordPress 5.8 Beta 4 in three ways: Install/activate the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (select the Bleeding edge channel and the Beta/RC Only stream).Direct download the beta version here (zip).Using WP-CLI to test: wp core update –version=5.8-beta4 The current target for the final release is July 20, 2021. That’s less than four weeks away, so we need your help to make sure the final release is as good as it can be. Some Highlights Since Beta 3, 18 bugs have been fixed. Most tickets focused on polishing existing default themes, fixing bugs in the new block Widget screen, and squashing Editor bugs collected during beta. How You Can Help Watch the Make WordPress Core blog for 5.8-related developer notes in the coming weeks, which will break down these and other changes in greater detail. So far, contributors have fixed 254 tickets in WordPress 5.8, including 91 new features and enhancements, and more bug fixes are on the way. Do some testing! Testing for…

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