WordPress.com Makes Major Unannounced Pricing Changes, Slashes Free Storage Limits

WordPress.com Increases Traffic and Storage Limits on New Plans After Overwhelmingly Negative Feedback on Initial Rollout

Posted by WP Tavern on April 6, 2022 at 3:40 pm
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WordPress.com officially announced its new pricing yesterday, after rolling it out on April 1. The lack of communication about the changes, and the free plan’s severely pared back storage and traffic limits, alarmed and frustrated many users who for years have considered WordPress.com their go-to platform for simple blogging. WordPress.com has simplified its offerings from five plans to two plans: Free and Pro. The service has updated its plans from the initial rollout based on overwhelmingly negative feedback about the changes. The initial plans capped traffic at 10K visits on the free plan and 100K on Pro, and limited free users to 500MB of storage. The updated plans drop the traffic limits entirely and revise the Free plan storage limit to 1GB. The changes apply to new plans and purchases. Customers on the old plans will not be affected. In a thread on the service’s support forums, WordPress.com CEO Dave Martin said the old plans were “overcomplicated and confusing.” He offered a few reasons for the simplification of the plans and the major pricing changes: Straightforward Pricing — We want to avoid using dark patterns, or trickery to get people signed up, only to then switch pricing on them down the…

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