WordCamp US Online Set for October 1, 2021, as Community Team Weighs Proposal for Returning to In-Person WordCamps

WordPress Global Community Sponsorship Program Will Not Include WordCamps for 2022

Posted by WP Tavern on October 12, 2021 at 8:10 pm
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The proposal for the 2022 Global Community Sponsorship program will not include funding for WordCamps again this year, due to the unpredictability of hosting in-person events. The pandemic continues to make conditions unfavorable in many areas of the world where WordCamp and meetup organizers have opted to continue with virtual events. In the past, the Global Community Sponsorship program has offered multiple tiers of funding in support of official, volunteer-organized WordPress community events. In 2020, before the program was suspended, global sponsorship tiers ranged from $40,000 – $160,000. The updated proposal knocks sponsorships back to a single annual package, billed at $10,000 USD per quarter. Sponsor benefits are similar to those offered in 2021. While the base package does not include WordCamp sponsorship, program participants can offer it by electing to pay an add-on, which is also billed quarterly. “The proposed change for 2022 is that Global Sponsors who add on sponsorship for WordCamps will support all WordCamps (as opposed to choosing which WordCamps to sponsor a la carte), at the camp’s top published level,” WordPress.org community organizer Courtney Patubo Kranzke said. “In short, there would not be a community grant as we’ve had in the past, but WordCamps will get credited…

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