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12 Content Elements to Add to Your Website Footer (+Examples)

Posted by Torque Mag on April 6, 2022 at 11:48 am
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The footer is one website area that many people neglect in lieu of optimizing the content of their header or navigation, but this is a huge mistake. One of the most common web design blunders is underestimating the power of the site footer. It’s true that your header, nav menu, and main design are more important. Yet, the footer plays a very important role in keeping people on your site longer, as well as improving UX and making it easier to contact you or navigate your site. Ready to overhaul your footer and give it the attention it deserves? Here are a few elements you should consider adding. What Makes a Good Footer? A footer isn’t just there for decoration. It’s also not a place to dump random information and links you’re not sure where else to put. It actually has two important uses. The first is to provide visitors with relevant information, depending on the purpose of your site. When you’re trying to find a company’s phone number or their privacy policy, where’s the first place you look? That’s right, it’s the footer. Of course you can put your legal pages here, but it’s also where you may want…

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