cookie notice compliance: one of the best wordpress gdpr plugins

13 Best WordPress GDPR Plugins (Cookie Compliance & More!)

Posted by Torque Mag on September 9, 2021 at 9:50 am
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Since the GDPR came into effect in 2018, website owners have been scrambling to get their site up to par and avoid hefty fines. While the race to GDPR-proof the Internet has calmed somewhat, it’s important for new sites and existing ones that skipped out to start taking steps to protect user data. Three years later, GDPR fines are continuing to be issued, and small businesses are certainly not immune. While you’re likely to receive a warning before being fined, there’s no reason to take chances. If you haven’t taken steps to protect your site yet, you need to do it now. Only a lawyer can give you lawsuit-proof advice, but installing a plugin is a good first step to respecting the GDPR. Below are 13 of the best WordPress GDPR that plugins will help you stay compliant and handle sensitive information properly. A Rundown of the GDPR Most people by now know the basics of the GDPR. But in case you missed it when it first came around, here’s a quick recap. The General Data Protection Regulation aims to act as a single privacy law for everyone in the EU. If you collect data such as cookies or email…

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