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Announcing #Contribute2WP A Two-Day WordPress Contribution Event

Posted by Torque Mag on October 6, 2021 at 6:04 am
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WordPress, which is perhaps the most widely-recognized open source project in the world, now powers more than 42 percent of the web due in no small part to the mostly-volunteer work of its community members. Without its thriving community, WordPress would not be what it is today. But just as the pandemic has affected so many things around the globe, WordPress too has been hampered by more than a year and a half of widespread challenges and restrictions.We haven’t been able to hold in-person events or get together with our online friends, Unfortunately, WordPress contributions have been on the decline in the last year. That is why we created a two-day event, #Contribute2WP. Over a 48-hour span, we are asking people from around the community to give two hours of their time back to WordPress. From 8 am PDT on October 29 to 8 am PDT on October 31, we are challenging each member of the community to contribute two hours to WordPress. You can help with translations, finding bugs, editing video, or any of the other activities listed here. Whether are are an experienced coder or not, there are plenty of ways give back. Read all about how to contribute here.…

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