A World Where (Some) Block Development Is Merely a Templating System With No Build Process?

Ask the Bartender: Is There Still a Space for Building With HTML, CSS, and Template Tags?

Posted by WP Tavern on November 10, 2021 at 6:30 pm
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I’m still wondering about the best method to approach a new project.As a background, besides the traditional way, I’ve worked with Divi, love Bricks, and am loving Blocks. But I still feel that there is nothing like building a website from the root, with raw material: HTML, dynamic PHP, and CSS — even more now with the importance of performance and the new server-side of things.Plus, the ability to play with dynamic data (and the database) with template tags is so smooth and efficient that it really feels like superpowers.So, it feels a bit strange, but I’m wondering if template tags are going to end too?Ricardo You are asking a guy who was so nostalgic for the “simpler” days that he built his own custom blogging system over a weekend. And, I actually still use that same code, albeit updated and refined, for my personal blog today. When I began that project, I laid the foundation with modern PHP and build tools. However, at the heart of it, I just wanted to get back to those foundational elements of the web: HTML and CSS. I feel where you are coming from. That project was fun to build for my own…

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