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Ask the Bartender: Where Are the WooCommerce Block Themes?

Posted by WP Tavern on November 4, 2021 at 4:49 pm
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At what point are FSE theme developers going to start integrating and considering WooCommerce for their themes? WooCommerce has almost always seemed to lag behind all other considerations. It’s a bit like it’s an afterthought to simply scramble in the elements of a solid WooCommerce store. Where is a persistent cart header? Where are the templates for /single-product? There’s all kinds of elements which can be developed right along side of other teams working on FSE, but it seems to (again, consistently) not happen.I’ve taken Blockbase and all the other FSE themes for a spin on LocalWP, and none of them have any WooCommerce elements in them. Again, one should not expect perfection at a “developmental” stage. However there does seem to be a behavioral pattern of WooCommerce elements being a bit of an “afterthought” that simply brings up the rear about a year or year-and-six-months afterwards.Why not get everyone on the same page immediately? That way theme authors can address putting the cart elements in the header template. (Yes, WC can be run, but w/out a cart header, shoppers don’t know where to click after an item is in their cart). And, if theme authors and WP core developers…

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