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Automattic Is Removing WordPress.com Features from the Official WordPress Mobile Apps

Posted by WP Tavern on July 27, 2022 at 9:16 am
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The WordPress mobile team announced today that it will be pulling all the Jetpack and WordPress.com features from the official WordPress mobile apps. They will be moved into the Jetpack app through a gradual process that is anticipated to conclude by the end of this year. “Over the years, the WordPress app has evolved to meet a diverse range of site administration needs and use cases,” Automattic mobile engineer Paul Von Schrottky said. “Features like Stats, Reader, and Notifications were introduced with the hope of meeting some of these needs. However, these features require the Jetpack plugin or a WordPress.com account to function and can make the app overwhelming for folks who want a simpler experience. “For the sake of clarity and closer-to-core experience, the mobile team will be working to refocus the app on staple features you’d find with a fresh download of WordPress.” The following features will be removed and relocated to the Jetpack app: StatsActivity LogBackupSharing (Jetpack Social)ReaderNotificationsJetpack blocks (Gutenberg Editor)@-Mentions and Crossposting (Gutenberg Editor)More features as the team goes about this effort Automattic’s products in the official WordPress apps have been a source of controversy for nearly a decade. Two years ago, when Automattic tangled with Apple…

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