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Posted by Darryl Schmidt on October 24, 2021 at 6:03 pm
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The Blue List

Before we get into the list, lets first put it out there that there is not one form plugin that would be considered the best tool for everyone in every circumstance. Each form plugin is going to have its set of use cases where it excels.

In some cases you might need a super complicated, multi-page, form with loads of conditional logic that integrates with an external SAAS. Other times you might just want to give people the ability to send you a quick email without the hassle of copying an email address and loading up an email client.

Do you have a favourite form plugin that you’d like to let others know about? Leave a comment below.

The Blue List is not an attempt to great a “best of”, exhaustive list, or just list the most popular plugins. There might be a lot of personal opinion involved, so your milage may vary. This is an unordered list and all the links do not use affiliate codes.
No plugin paid to be on this list.

Formidable Form Builder

Formidable Form Builder is a highly rated and very capable form tool that has a wide range of uses and price points.

The Pro version has four tiers ranging in price from $79 to $599, depending on the feature set and number of websites that you want to use it on.

I’ve been using Formidable Pro for several years and can attest to its stability and quality support via the Formidable Pro website.

Price: Free to $599 / Year
Website: Link
Repository: Link

Ninja Forms Contact Form

Ninja Forms is a very capable and popular tool for your basic form needs. The free downloadable version from the WordPress plugin repository might even do all you need.

By upgrading to one of the paid tiers, you can add functionality and integration with a plethora of services. There are three standard tiers for the pro version ranging from $99 to $499. They also offer an À La Carte tier where you purchase the functionality you need which ranges from $29 to $129.

Price: Free to $499 / Year
Website: Link
Repository: Link

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is the grandpappy of form plugins for those that need more than just the basic functionality of a simple contact form.

Many feel like Gravity forms is currently playing catch up with some of the newer form plugins with features and usability.

There is three pricing tiers that start at $59/year for one site. This means that there is no free version available. Tiers are again more expensive as you add features and websites.

Price: $59 to $259 / Year
Website: Link
Repository: No Free Version Available

Kadence Blocks

Why is a block collection on this list?
I’ve included Kadence Blocks because it allows you to add simple forms, the kind that most of us need, for free.

Adding a form using Kadence Blocks is as easy as adding a form block to your page or post, then configuring the block to your needs.

Price: Free to $219 / year
Website: Link
Repository: Link

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