Screenshot of the top of the Block Theme Generator app page.  It displays an intro section and a settings form for generating a theme.json file for block WordPress themes.

David Gwyer Teases Block Theme Generator App, Plans for a Community of Creators

Posted by WP Tavern on December 15, 2021 at 2:28 pm
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David Gwyer has been teasing ThemeGen over the last couple of weeks. It is his upcoming block theme generator app. Piece by piece, it has seemed to be coming together and could prove invaluable for theme developers. Currently, it is in beta testing. He provided me with a link to an early preview to get my feedback on the tool. This is also available to anyone who signs up for access via the ThemeGen website. Currently, the app only generates theme.json files. The feature was first launched in WordPress 5.8 for classic and block themes. It can have a bit of a learning curve for theme authors diving in for the first time. Plus, it is easy to make mistakes when hand-coding JSON files. The dream goes beyond theme.json. That is the obvious starting point for such a project because it helps with current and future theme development. However, Gwyer wants to take this to another level as the project evolves. “It’s not 100% functional yet, but I’m adding features daily,” he said. “I’m hoping that designers and non-coders will soon be able to create block themes visually, independently of WordPress. And be able to manage all their themes in…

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