The Color Palette section opened in the Global Styles sidebar in the WordPress site editor. Color picker open.

Gutenberg 11.7 Iterates on Global Styles, Improves Adding Navigation Links, and Adds Column Spacing

Posted by WP Tavern on October 14, 2021 at 1:52 pm
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Released yesterday, Gutenberg 11.7 is one of the more exciting releases we have had in a while. The Global Styles system iterations continue to impress. The lighter nav experience makes adding links easier, and a spacing control for the Columns block delivered one of my oldest wish list items. The Site Logo block supports duotone filters, bringing it up to par with other image-related blocks. Plus, theme authors can set the default filter via their theme.json files. There are several other changes to love, such as the refreshed gradient picker design and typography controls for post navigation blocks. The block alignment control in the toolbar now also displays a “None” option. This should make it easier for users to revert from a previous choice. Lighter Navigation Experience “Add nav item” feature brings up search. Building nav menus has consistently been one of the frustrating experiences within the block system. Iterative improvements have made it better, but the actual process of adding links has been a painful one, at least until Gutenberg 11.7 rolled out yesterday. In previous iterations of the block, users had to go through a two-step process for adding any menu item. This was an issue I called…

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