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Meetup.com Accessibility Overlay Update

Posted by Dot Org Community on November 23, 2022 at 3:29 pm
kitty kitty CATegory Community
In recent weeks, WordPress meetup organizers expressed their disappointment in Meetup.com’s new accessibility overlay, and brought this to the attention of the Community Team. Since then, @peiraisotta and I met with Meetup’s Director of Engineering, their Head of Customer Success, and their GM of Meetup Pro.  Meetup.com was very receptive to our feedback, and they have removed the accessibility overlay. Here are some additional notes from our chat.  Meetup was working with EqualWeb. EqualWeb’s widget does scan for accessibility issues, and the original plan was for EqualWeb’s team (real people!) to provide progressive fixes to the overlay. Meetup’s hope was to provide, over time, a fully accessible overlay.  In this meeting, Isotta and I provided our feedback on accessibility overlays. At a high level, our main points were: Overlays create a poor user experience for people who use assistive technology and may ignore key WCAG issues There are increasing legal and privacy concerns associated with accessibility overlays Overlays do not provide equal and open access to a platform While it was great to hear that the solutions that Meetup.com hoped to apply will be people-driven, and not automated solutions, it would be to the overlay. In this case, the Community…

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