A screenshot of 6 block patterns from the WP Block Patterns homepage.

Preview WordPress Block Pattern and Theme Combinations via New Site

Posted by WP Tavern on September 29, 2021 at 5:44 pm
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Viewing patterns from the WP Block Patterns homepage. Andrew Starr, the owner of UXL Themes, has cobbled together a new project around block patterns. His new site, aptly named WP Block Patterns, allows users to preview any WordPress.org-hosted block themes and patterns together. The project does not allow visitors to download anything or ask them to sign up. It is a basic demo system, one that WordPress.org should consider at some point. Visitors can choose any block pattern. Then, they can select any theme to see what they look like together. It is a quick way to test patterns and themes without actually adding them to your WordPress installation. For example, a user can view the Team Social Cards pattern — one that I had a hand in creating — along with Anders Norén’s Tove theme. Or, the Image and a Quote on a Background pattern with Anariel Design’s Naledi theme. From Gutenberg Hub’s landing page templates to EditorsKit’s ShareABlock collection, the block system has allowed developers to experiment with unique sites for end-users. Because everything is built upon a standard, I am guessing we will see even more of these creative projects in the future. WP Block Patterns is…

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