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Proposal: Automatically send emails to WordCamp attendee requesting details about their accessibility accommodation or life-threatening allergy

Posted by Dot Org Community on December 19, 2021 at 1:05 am
kitty kitty CATegory Community
When an attendee purchases a WordCamp ticket and specifies they have either an accessibility accommodation or a life-threatening allergy, emails about each situation are sent to the WordCamp lead organizer, the WordCamp city address, and WordCamp Central support address. These emails alert the organizers to reach out to the attendee and inquire about the nature of their situation. The emails to WordCamp support are asking a Community Deputy to follow-up with the organizers to ensure they are reaching out to the attendee. This proposal replaces the manual step of emailing the attendee with an automated email. New email messages The new email messages would be sent at the same time as the other three automated emails described above. The email(s) to the attendee should be from the WordCamp’s city address and BCC the city address. Below is proposed text that might be used to ask the attendee for details. Hi <first-name>, we’re happy to see that you’ll be joining us for WordCamp <city>! You noted on your ticket form that you have accessibility accommodation that we should be aware of. Would you be able to provide additional detail and anything related that we should be informed about so that we…

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