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The Power Of Women In WordPress

Posted by HeroPress on January 25, 2022 at 7:52 pm
kitty kitty CATegory Community
I would like to share a glimpse of my experience from this tiny but adventurous journey. I would start with the culture of the city I was born in “Lake city Udaipur” located in the state of Rajasthan. It’s a beautiful city with a sparkling culture but also a bit of rigidness about girls’ education. But unlike the societal mentally my parents were the biggest supporters for my education and not only the schooling but till the graduation. With their support and encouragement I completed my graduation in Computer Science Engineering After completing my graduation I was able to secure employment at Bosch. But later on I ended my journey at Bosch and joined the Ideabox as a QA in my home town Udaipur. How I started my WordPress Journey I started my career/journey with WordPress back in the year 2015. During the time of my graduation I came to know about WordPress but didn’t have much information about the operations of it but I was excited to learn new technology and luckily a couple of years later I got a chance to work as WordPress Quality Analyst. And my Journey with WordPress began with it. When I started working…

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