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WordPress Enterprise Security: How to Secure Large-Scale Sites

Posted by Torque Mag on October 26, 2021 at 10:03 am
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While security is an important topic for any WordPress site owner, it’s even more so for enterprise websites. Large-scale websites have a lot more to lose by being hacked than sites with smaller audiences. There is more reputation and revenue at stake when the site is not available and potentially more sensitive data that could become compromised. Because security needs for WordPress enterprise websites is a slightly different beast, in this article we will take a deep dive into it. We will check how it differs from the needs of your normal mom-and-pop site and how you can effectively address them. Note that we will not cover more general security tips like keeping software updated, using themes and plugins from reputable sources, and hardening WordPress. These are things you should already be doing and which are par for the course if you are running any kind of website. Especially of the dimensions we are speaking of here. The tips below are more specific to bigger websites which deal with other dangers than normal sites. Security Needs of Enterprise-Level Websites Before getting into specific security needs, let’s start with defining what an enterprise website is in the first place. From there,…

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