WordPress Unveils Commemorative 20th Anniversary Wapuu

WordPress Launches Wapuu Coloring Giveaway to Celebrate Upcoming 20th Anniversary

Posted by WP Tavern on March 17, 2023 at 3:18 pm
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Wapuu lovers who are looking for a relaxing weekend activity will want to check out WordPress’ recently launched Wapuu Coloring Giveaway. The challenge is to style your own 20th anniversary party Wapuu using crayons, markers, colored pencils, pastels, or even digital drawing tools. Three random entries will be selected (which is why it’s called a giveaway and not a contest) to receive limited edition swag: You have a chance to win one of three WP20 Swag Kits, complete with a variety of unique anniversary goods. From lapel pins to stickers, and some surprise mystery items, they’ll be a memorable collection for this milestone moment in WordPress history.  Participants will need to download the Wapuu coloring set, which comes in different file types (.pdf, .png, .svg, and .ai). Finished wapuu coloring creations can be shared on Twitter using the #WapuuWP20 hashtag to enter the giveaway. So far there are just a handful of party wapuus that have been submitted via Twitter, but email is another option if you want to send it privately or don’t have a Twitter account. Long way from the Himalayan kingdom Bhutan, the land of gross national happiness with a population of 700,000 plus, would like to congratulate WordPress…

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